Wings premiers June 14

Wings a collaboration of Angie Conte and Chien Hwe Hong

will premier Friday 14 June, 8:00pm  at Green Streets Studios in Cambridge MA

Tickets $20/door, $15 advance students, seniors or BDA

Wings is a joint production between Angie Conte (Angie Moon Dance Theatre) and Chien Hwe (1ooo Virtues Dance). The two met last year while recipients of the Green Street Studio’s Emerging Artist Award and now join forces to launch their nascent dance companies. Angie and Chien Hwe found that they share similar ideas when it comes to movement and dance-making. They connected deeply through their mutual love of dance, art, and performance that is both gutsy and surreal.

Passionate about every detail to present a concert, from choreographing, costuming and makeup, to the details of what music is playing when the audience walks in, Angie and Chien Hwe are going all out to make it not just a good show, but also a moving experience for the whole audience.              

Here is a little about each company and the work…

Angie Moon Dance Theatre (Angie Conte, artistic director)

The mission of AMDT is to transport the audience to a different place. From the molecules of the room to each fully executed dance, the perfect combination of movement, music, costuming and lighting will help the viewers forget where they are, even while they share the real time experience of the performers. “The Last Bird” deals with the reality that the pollution we are dumping in the ocean is killing off the beautifully powerful Albatross. The piece encompasses both  the realization and the panic as they near distinction, the somber reality of the last male and female and finally, the last bird.

1ooo Virtues Dance (Chien Hwe, artistic director)

As a dancer, Chien Hwe Hong’s mission is to surrender to the moment, to the music and to the mystery of the unknown by dancing the fine line between structure and freedom.  As a teacher, she seeks to share the equal values of hard work and fanciful play to facilitate self-expression through movement, dance and storytelling.  As a choreographer, her mission is to create stories in the form of moving images from her most pure sources of inspiration as an invitation into the hidden corners of imagination. 1 o o o v i r t u e s will share a body of work that explore creatures that can fly, feathers being clipped and wings being born.  All of these pieces are parts of an original contemporary fairytale ballet production called Satya, created by Chien Hwe Hong.

Dance is a difficult career. Truly something you can only pursue if it is a passion and a way of life. These two have had it their whole lives to always; it is the source of their joy. The Boston dance scene is small (but they love it!), and a bit limited in options. This campaign will help launch their careers, and those of their dancers, too. They are eager to welcome artist, audience and critics alike to share this inaugural event with them




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