Western Ave Reconstruction Project Update

Over the past month, the City’s Contractor, D’Allessandro Corp., continued to make great progress on the Western Avenue Reconstruction Project.  To date, the contractor has:

  • ·         Installed the new water main from Memorial Drive to Pleasant Street.
  • ·         Installed the new 36” drain line from Memorial Drive to Dodge Street.
  • ·         Constructed the new stormwater outfall at the Charles River and restored the landscaping around the outfall.
  • ·         Installed new catch basins and fire hydrants on Western Ave.


Upcoming & Current Activity:

  • ·         Western Ave. Informational Cookout event will be held on September 7, 2013 at 12pm at Hoyt Field.  Please see the attached document for more details.
  • ·         During the week of August 12, crews began to reconstruct the street and sidewalk between Blackstone Street and Montague Street. The beginning of the surface restoration is a key milestone for the project.  Over the next several weeks they will be installing conduit for the new street lights, reconstructing the roadway surface and placing the new sidewalks.  While crews are performing sidewalk work, please pay special attention to the signage directing pedestrians safely around the work zone.
  • ·         Installation of new water main between Memorial Drive and Green Street is expected to be completed this fall.
  • ·         Crews are currently working on the sewer and drain infrastructures in the Soden Street area and will continue to progress towards Central Square.
  • ·         Installation of the 36” drain line and 24” sewer line at Dodge Street. Given the large nature of the new pipe and extensive utilities in the corridor, work will be disruptive and traffic management plans will vary daily.
  • ·         The contractor is also:
  • ·         Installing manhole and other drainage structures along Western Avenue
  • ·         Paving temporary asphalt patches over the excavated areas where water mains, drain lines, and sewer lines were installed.

Other Construction Projects in the Area

  • ·         Construction of the new Martin Luther King Jr. School on Putnam Ave. is underway. Current activities include delivery of trailers for the contractor. Visitwww.cambridgema.gov/cmanager/mlkjrschoolconstruction for updates and more information.
  • ·         Harvard University has completed repairs to its steam tunnel (near the Memorial Drive intersection).


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