Weirdo Records to Open in Central Square

Weirdo Records will soon open in Central Square. Angela provided the following to Weirdo sells experimental music on lp, cd, cdr, & cassette. We love noise kids, psychedelic freaks, goofs banging on kitchen pots, ultra-snobby longhairs & many other types of record collecting nerds. We buck economic trends with the ease of flicking flies off burritos and uphold the principles behind our aesthetic choices with Herculean strength. Our prices are rock bottom (check around!), our postage rates are shockingly low, and we go quite a bit out of our way to bring you the obscure, the underrated, and the just plain screwed up. We also make a point to be entirely unsnooty, so you can expect attentive, efficient service in arenas both mystical and practical.

Weirdo Records
844 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139

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