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  • By: Ariel Rodriguez -Together Boston

    Morris Naggar’s family has owned businesses in Central Square for a little over 50 years. His father started out as a retail owner of some clothes stores in 1960 and Morris Naggar was born in 1961. Naggar grew up in Central Square and now, as the owner of 3MJ Realty, is a huge influence on his beloved home.

    3MJ Realty manages a full city block on Mass. Ave. between Norfolk Street and Essex Street.
    There are a couple of offices there but it’s mostly store fronts. It is Naggar’s job to lease these store fronts to businesses he thinks will do well in the high volume area.

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    Central Square is prime realty because of the its MBTA Red Line stop, one of the busiest in the Boston transit system, and because of the businesses in the surrounding area. That’s no accident. Landlords like Naggar have to be very selective about whom they’ll lease their spaces to. Naggar said, “We like to pick tenants that do fit the mold of Cambridge or Central Square, what is, essentially, a successful market.”

    Naggar has been very successful with the tenants he’s rented to but recently, with the bankruptcy of Blockbuster, has had to fill some space. “The reason they went out of business is because they did not reinvent themselves,” Naggar also went on to say, “They’re not innovative, they refused to acknowledge and accept the strength of what Netflix brought to the market.”

    Naggar describes himself as an “old school businessman,” which is why he isn’t managing a store, but he recognizes the importance of new technology. “[Blockbuster] missed the boat on technology and today you can’t do that,” said Naggar.

    With technology in mind, Naggar has partnered with the Together Festival. Naggar is providing, free of charge, a space that will be the headquarters for the festival at 579 Mass. Ave. That space will be the epicenter of all things Together. It’ll hold artist meet and greets, have DJs spinning and there will be a lounge where you can charge your various electronics. It will also be the location of all the discussions and panels that will be held throughout the week.

    “I think the Together Festival is really bringing to light what’s happening today in a manner that’s not been done before,” Naggar continued, “They have technology, art and music all coming together in a retail space.”

    As a business man Naggar really appreciates the fact that the local people at Together have been able to take their event national. He said that he thinks the festival really embodies what has made Central Square the successful place it is.

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