Situated between Harvard and MIT and conveniently located near the Central Sq. T-Stop, resides the institution uniquely named Teddy Shoes, dubbed appropriately after its still living founder, Theodore Adelson. Began in 1957 and selling manufacturer’s seconds and cancellations from local factories, the store flourished despite having over a dozen of competitors in the local area. Satellite locations in Watertown, Somerville and later East Boston were opened and increased business for the store. Seeing the need for someone who could help out with this expansion, my father called me and offered me a position with the company in 1978. Learning the ropes under the tutelage of the owner, Teddy himself proved invaluable in my development as a business entrepreneur. In 1987, I began acquiring ownership of the company and became sole owner a dozen years later. Because the supply of closeouts and factory seconds was drying up and our competitive advantage was being lost, I decided to shift the focus of the store from Family Footwear to Dance Shoes and Apparel. The brands Capezio, Bloch and Sansha soom became mainstays of our business. While we haven’t lost our roots still seling boots, high heels, men’s dress shoes, hats and wide widths ( to mention a few ), we are now heavily invested in the Dance community. Our new logo for All the DANCE in you! reflects our commitiment to serving all forms of dance. We are truly a mecca for the beginner, dance afficianado and professional providing dance products for the following genres of dance:We have become a mainstay in the dance community by stocking one of the largest inventories in the Boston area, offering superior customer service that strives hard for complete customer satisfaction and developing a comprehensive website that includes up-to-date inventory status on all products, Facebook and Twiiter feeds as well as a WordPress blog that features our Brands, Partners and What’s Happening around Town. We will soon be launching our Hard to Find category of products on our site that will highlight merchandise that can be difficult to locate elsewhere. As one of our other slogans states — ” If you can’t find it at Teddy’s, it probably doesn’t exist. ”

So for those of us that thought the last of the local ” Mom and Pop ” stores had disappeared, think again as the fortunes at Teddy’s continue to prosper. As my father Ted used to share with me, ” Treat the customer well, and give them a great reason to shop with you and many more to keep coming back. This is why TEDDY SHOES is a One of a Kind Jewel!

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