Seven Stars: a metaphysical bookstore in Central Square, Cambridge

Seven Stars is a metaphysical bookstore located at 731 Massachusetts Ave. in Central Square in Cambridge MA. Owner Stuart Weinberg says he tries to carry “general but interesting books…not new age specifically.” “We definitely get the pagan community,” he adds, “[but also] people into Buddhism, Christianity…”

Customers are welcomed by friendly staff and a pleasant atmosphere. The parts of the walls that are not lined with books have beautiful cloth Thangkas displaying Tibetan Buddhist deities and figures. A long glass counter contains many different crystals and semi-precious stones. Towards the back of the store, customers can get delightfully lost in the tall bookshelves with their many books of a variety of genres and topics.

The store’s many books are arranged in neatly labeled sections such as “Shamanism” and “UFOs” and “Tarot.” Mr. Weinberg likes to carry books he himself enjoys. “The inventory is my personal choices… [For example,] I like history, [so the store carries]…historical stuff.”

The store also carries used books. “Used books are a way of expanding the inventory,” Mr. Weinberg explains. He buys used books from his customers, for cash or credit.

While Seven Stars is primarily a bookstore, it does carry other items that pagans may be interested in. The crystals and semi-precious stones range from $1 to $3,000. Some are naturally shaped; others are carved into animal figures, bookends, or spheres (crystal balls). CDs are for sale. The store also carries dreamcatchers, Buddha statues, many flavors of incense, and sage smudgesticks.

Seven Stars does not have a website at this time. For more information on the store, call at 617-547-1317 or email at

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