Prospect Street Reconstruction Update

As you may have noticed, the reconstruction of Prospect Street is nearing completion.  Over the next week, the Traffic Department will begin to install pavement markings in the roadway.
Pavement Marking Changes

When the pavement markings are installed, Prospect Street will look different than before.  The street will have left-turn-only lanes in both directions at the intersections with Bishop Allen Drive, Harvard Street, and Broadway.  A left-turn-only lane will also be added northbound at Hampshire Street.   Please note that Resident permit parking will remain on the east side of Prospect Street between Hampshire Street and Cambridge Street.  These modifications improve safety at these intersections.

Before the change, five of the six Prospect Street intersections were all among the 20 highest-frequency crash locations in the city.  A large number of these accidents involved cars making left turns.  The new left-turn-only lanes will provide for safer left turns for vehicles.   Additionally, southbound traffic will no longer be blocked by cars waiting to turn left.  Traffic signal timing has also been adjusted to reduce congestion in the northbound direction that occurred during and after construction.  With the new signal timing and the new left-turn-only lanes, Prospect Street in both directions will flow more smoothly, compared to the old design.

Information or Assistance
If you have any questions or concerns related to the new markings, please contact Jeff Parenti, senior traffic engineer at the Traffic Department at 617.349.4715 or

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