Pick a Pocket Garden at First Baptist Church in Central Square

Join Pick a Pocket Garden volunteers on this Saturday April 14 at 1:00 at the First Baptist Church in Central Square.  We have a wonderful opportunity to help make the landscape surrounding this historic church more beautiful for everyone in and around Central Square.  On Saturday, we will rake, prune, and do general yard work around the church.  The First Baptist Church is the brick church in the block bordered by Magazine, River, Franklin & Green Streets.   Click here for photos
Pick a Pocket Garden volunteers plant and maintain small or “pocket” gardens in Cambridge. We seek volunteers interested in rolling up their sleeves to “groom” (weed, water, plant and improve) pocket gardens, street trees and tree wells for a few hours regularly or just once in a while.
You might be surprised at how satisfying it is to volunteer this way.  This work allows us to be outdoors with our hands in the soil, to watch plants grow, to socialize, and to get some exercise all while making our city more attractive for ourselves and everyone else.  Don’t worry if you don’t know much about gardening – we’ll show you.  We work closely with the City of Cambridge’s landscaping department which helps with tools, plant material and know-how.
Please let us if you plan to join us Saturday, as it will help us estimate what tools we need.  If you have your own garden gloves, bring them.  If you’d rather just drop by, that’s fine too.
If you would like to be added to the pickapocketgarden email list for other gardening related volunteer activities or if you know a pocket garden you would like to work on, please email us at pickapocketgarden@gmail.com.

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