Opposition to the proposed down-zoning of Central Square Petition

I stand with my friends and neighbors in opposition to the proposed down-zoning of Central Square. I ask you to vote against the downzoning petition, and instead support policies that build a better Cambridge — a diverse and dynamic community on a path toward sustainable growth. I believe new development can play a positive role in strengthening the social, cultural, and economic diversity of Cambridge’s neighborhoods. When used appropriately, density can serve the varied needs of all Cambridge households, while promoting sustainable growth that allows current and future residents the opportunity to live, work, shop, and play in the same community.
• Downzoning will hurt diversity in Central Square. It restricts our ability to create the types of housing needed by seniors and families with children or multiple generations. Downzoning encourages development of higher-cost housing that does not align with the needs of most Cambridge families.
• Downzoning will hurt our vibrant local economy by making it too expensive for many small, local businesses to rent space and operate in Central Square. Downzoning encourages new commercial development that is out of touch with the character of our business districts and disconnected from our community priorities.
• Downzoning is not environmentally sustainable. It reinforces sprawl, pushing jobs and vital services further from our community, increasing traffic congestion and automobile emissions on our roads.

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