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September 21, 2011

A Word from CCTV Board Member and Producer, Angel Aiguer

I have been working in CCTV’s new building for the last month! The new facility is much bigger and more spread out. The new member space is a great place for producers to hang out.  The new radio room is a lot more spacious than the old one. I haven’t been in there yet to record, but can’t wait. It’s good that teens have their own space to learn in.  CCTV’s new home feels like a space ship, like CCTV is just going to take off. Up, and beyond, and away!
While things in the new space are coming together, there is still more work to be done. I can’t wait to see everything finished. The member space is encouraging, but it needs couches. The new radio room is spacious, but I am looking forward to seeing a set up that will allow members to interact with their guests. While the teen space on the second floor is great, we can’t wait to get laptops so that teens can edit up there. 



CCTV has come a long way in the last few months, but there is more to be done and we need the support of the entire community to make it happen!

Our Capital Campaign Goal of $2.3 million is within reach! We only need to raise $580,000 more to finish our beautiful new facility. Please donate to the CCTV Capital Campaign today!



Member Challenge Going Strong

Individual members and friends of CCTV can also contribute to the Capital Campaign by accepting the Member Challenge. Those participating commit to raising $1,000 from their network of friends and family. So far the Member Challenge has raised thousands of dollars for the Capital Campaign and been integral to the building of our new media facility. Please consider this opportunity to show your support of CCTV by raising much needed funds and spreading the word about CCTV. Those members who reach the $1,000 goal will have their names on the permanent plaque commemorating our Capital Campaign Donors. Sign up today to accept the Member Challenge:!


Learn more about CCTV’s new facility and capital campaign!
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CCTV Opens Teen Work and Learning Center!

Louis with cameraOn Monday, July 25, CCTV opened its new Teen Work and Learning Center for students in the annual Summer Media Institute.  CCTV’s Summer Media Institute, now in its 21st year, is a six week media arts and career development program for Cambridge teens.  This year, 15 students participated in the program. Students enjoyed having their own separate space in the new facility; program staff were happy to have dedicated, functional space for workshops and View and Critique sessions.  





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