Fashionless Fashion Show at City Hall

Fashionless Fashion Show at Cambridge City Hall Nov 5th

On the tail, er, the hem, of Fashion Week, artists participating in the weekend’s Fashionless Dance Concert will offer a snippet preview of design work to be seen at The Dance Complex. The Fashionless Fashion Show will be in the lobby of City Hall at 4:45pm; it’s free and open, commencing just prior to the Council meeting on Monday 5 November.

On that Monday, dancers and friends will model some of the costumes, finished or not, that have been designed for them by collaborating artists. Clothing designers Deborah Parker, Shaniece Cooper and Sole Nazare have been working with some of the area’s most exciting dance makers. Joan Green, Kelley Donovan, Stephen Chan, Annie Kloppenberg and Katie Eagan are choreographing pieces to be performed as part of Fashionless Dance, a concert to raise funds to help support the creation of a costume co-op, Betty’s Closet.

The concert, to be held on Saturday and Sunday, 10-11 November, will have dances premiered in rehearsal clothes in the first half of the concert. Each piece will be repeated, the second time with the costumes created for that dance by the talented designers.

This event is supported by the Cambridge Arts Council, produced by The Dance Complex and co-sponsored by the Office of Mayor Henrietta Davis.

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