DailyFeats comes to Central Square

Daily Feats
DailyFeats recently moved into Central Square Cambridge just off Massachusetts Ave at
22 Pearl St.
3rd Floor
Cambridge, MA 02139-4095
781-57-FEATS (781-573-3287)
DailyFeats was created by a group of family and friends who are committed to bringing people together in the pursuit of a better life.With help from our commercial and nonprofit partners, who support feats that match their own values, we believe that together we can create the change our society needs, starting from the smallest actions and working upwards.
DailyFeats’ purpose is to make positive action part of everyday life. It’s all free, and your privacy is always protected. We don’t give out (or sell) anybody’s email or personal information.Instead, we sustain our business through sponsorships and rewards at DailyFeats, which our brand partners provide; helping you do good things is good for their business, and good for us.
Well-being is important to us at DailyFeats.
  • DailyFeats’ purpose is to make positive action part of everyday life — and we plan to do this to a scale whereby as many people as possible reach the maximum potential of their day, every day.
  • This means we are committed to well-being: we will always conduct ourselves as a business with positivity, openness, and objectivity.
  • We trust our members, and ask for them to participate in a relationship of mutual honesty and respect with us.
  • We seek partnerships where our missions are aligned; the goal of all our partnerships is both to grow our business and to create good in the world.
  • Our team is a collective, and we work openly, honestly, and with understanding; everyone contributes to the goal of making DailyFeats better
  • Information from DailyFeats web site

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