CSBA Special Board Meeting Notes – June 7, 2011

Present:    Christina Abele, Patrick Barrett, Carl Barron, Chris Durkin, Daniel Goldstein, Mimi Huntington, David Levine, Jeff Lockwood, Norm McIver, George Metzger, Nancy O’Brien, Mark Orent, Anya Petroff, Gail Seidman, Ping Wong Absent: Cathy Carr Kelly, Michelle Perez, Bill Scott, Mohan Singh,
Location: Caru Associates
George called the meeting to order at 11:05 AM
1.    George reported on discussions with Robin Lapidus since the May meeting at which the board voted to proceed with negotiations, and reviewed a proposed budget and an action plan prepared by Robin. George also reported that he had conducted a straw poll of eight major institutional and property owners to determine the support for a special appeal to provide financial support for the ED position and related start-up administrative costs. All o fthose contacted were willing make a special contribution as proposed in the budget worksheet. After additional discussion, Carl moved and Chris seconded a motion to Hire Robin at a full time salary of approximately $70,000 depending on final discussion regarding health care coverage. George will finalize the agreement with Robin in a letter of engagement as an employee at will with provision for 3- and 6-month reviews. The vote was unanimous in favor.
2.    George presented a proposal to accept Elaina Romano from Cambridge Savings bank to replace Michelle Perez who has been reassigned to the Arlington Branh. A motin was made and seconded and approved unanimously.
Meeting adjourned at 11:45 AM
Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 14, at Cafe? Carl

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