CSBA Jan board meeting

Central Square Business Association

Board Meeting Notes – January 11, 2011

Present: Christina Abele, Carl Barron, Kelly Thompson Clark, Chris Durkin, Mimi Huntington, David Levine, Norm McIver, George Metzger, Kathleen Darcy, Anya Petroff, Mohan Singh

Absent: Dan Binderman Susan Fleischmann, Daniel Goldstein, Jeff Lockwood, Nancy O’Brien, Michelle Perez, Bill Scott, Gail Seidman,

Location: Caru Associates

George called the meeting to order at 12:20 PM

1.     December board meeting notes were approved. (KTC:KD)

2.     December financial report approved. Operating surplus at year end is $11,952. (CD:KTC)

3.     Reports:

  1. Membership: George reported 67 current members and 35 renewing members in the 11/1 to 1/1 period. George will talk with Gail about initiating a member retention effort.  Two new members: Sean Hope Attorney and Jean Brooks Landscape.
  2. Property owners: Bill reported on materials developed to promote the Square to brokers and property owners and prospective tenants.  Material was shared with Red Ribbon subcommittee on Identity. Graphic assistance is needed to make information more presentable in its multiple forms.  Bill noted that Dan Binderman’s departure leaves a void in this group.
  3. Events: Next Meet‘n Greet will be at Mohan’s India Pavilion in Mid-February. This will be annual meeting as well.
  4. Environment: George reported for Daniel G.  The bi-weekly Wednesday morning meetings with CPD and DPW are continuing; incident reports are down, there has been a recent rash of graffiti that cannot be easily removed in the winter; the role of newspaper boxes in creating litter will be the subject of new review; snow removal is improved as the result of CSBA notifications to businesses/owners and coordination with DPW and MBTA. 
  5. Parking: No report.
  6. Communications: Bill Scott presented Communications plan that describes 8 elements of a communications plan along with a media list. Estella suggested adding the city’s soon to be unveiled interactive comprehensive calendar that will be managed by the Office of Tourism.  centralsqaure.com and dbusiness.com were suggested additions.  Plan will be updated and included in Executive Director’s responsibilities.

4.     Executive Director search.  Christine reported that position description has been revised and will be posted on two non-profit job search websites this week.  Subcommittee (Abele, O’Brien, and Seidman) will screen initial applications and arrange for interview of finalists by George and a small group.  Goal is to have selection complete by the end of February.

5.     Nominating Committee Report. Kelly presented new member and officer nominations, which were approved unanimously after brief discussion.  Formal vote will occur at Annual Meeting.  George will invite nominees to attend February board meeting.  Proposed slate:

  • 2011-2013 Term (3 years):  Pat Barrett, Daniel Goldstein, Cathy Carr Kelly, Jeff Lockwood, Mark Orent, Michelle Perez.
  • 2011 Term vacancy (1 year): Pin Wong
  • 2011 Officers (1 year): George Metzger, President; Daniel Goldstein and Bill Scott, Vice Presidents: Gail Seidman, Clerk; Mark Orent, Treasurer; and Carl Barron, Chairman.

6.     Central Square Red Ribbon Commission:  Board members reported on subcommittee work.  Estella gave brief report on December site visit to DC. Next commission meeting is 12-2:00PM Thursday, January 14 at YMCA. George is on panel to comment on Forest City plans for All Asia block.

7.     Estella reported on recent meeting of Cambridge and Boston city councilors regarding “cluster” development theory in which similar and competitive businesses co-locate for access to operational and intellectual resources, as in Kendal Square technology cluster.  Also applies to retail businesses and arts organizations like in Central Square. Councilor Cheung will attend February CSBA meeting and to discuss his economic development objectives.

8.     Real Estate moves:

  • Economy Hardware relocating into east half of current space.
  • CCTV taking over remainder of former Economy hardware at 438 Mass Ave.
  • OM (Harvard Sq.) opening Moska restaurant at 450 Mass Ave., in front of Central Square Theater.  CSBA has sent support letter and George will attend 1/12 License Commission hearing.
  • Veggie Planet (at Passim in Harvard Sq.) opening new location next to Moska.
  • Floating Rock restaurant in former Venus space is revising its plans.
  • A new Asian/Sushi restaurant planning to take over dry cleaners next to Dance Complex.

9.     Old Business:

  • MassDOT survey re Grand Junction Commuter Rail Line will be subject of future board meeting.  Similar presentation has been made to Kendall  Sq. BA.
  • Councilor Cheung has requested participation in January 25 Economic Development Subcommittee meeting on city policy and regulations that interfere with logical development objectives.

10.  Upcoming Events/Announcements

Meeting adjourned at 1:30 PM

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, February 1; location TBD

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