CSBA Board Meeting Notes – Sept 13, 2011

Central Square Business Association

Board Meeting Notes – Sept 13, 2011

Present:  Carl Barron, Anya Bear, Chris Durkin, Daniel Goldstein, Mimi Huntington,  Estella Johnson, Robin Lapidus, David Levine, Norm McIver, George Metzger, Nancy O’Brien, Mark Orent, Elaina Romano, Gail Seidman, Bill Scott, Mohan Singh

Absent:  Christina Abele, Patrick Barrett, Cathy Carr Kelly, Jeff Lockwood, Ping Wong

Location:  Middlesex Lounge

George called the meeting to order at 12:15 PM, congratulated Norm for 60 years in banking and Christina for new baby .

1.     July board meeting notes approved with corrections (CB;CD).

2.     July-Aug financial report approved (CB;MS). Accounting for holiday lighting expense has not been resolved.

3.     ED Report:

Robin gave a report on activities in the past month.  B-Day party for Carl on September 7 at city hall was a success.  CSBA office space is now at e-Place, and administrative organization is still in progress.  The Central Swings! series of outdoor performances in Jill Brown Rhone park concludes with an additional performance this week. Application for funding for an expanded series next year will be submitted to the Arts Council on October 1.  Hotel concierges event is being deferred to allow for more organization of local participants.  Robin will request proposals from local banks for credit card payments at CSBA events. Robin is evaluating options for the website and expects to solicit services through several different web developers. Cultural District application is proceeding with city support.

A new membership dues schedule was presented for discussion.

A Calendar of Events was presented.

4.     Other Reports

  • Red Ribbon Commission (RRC):  Councilor Reeves hopes to conclude the RRC with a formal report to the City Council in October.  Sub-committee chairs are continuing to meet. A last general meeting is planned for September 27. An urban planner from MIT has been hired to write the final report.  The CSBA will be the contracting entity for this service, with the cost shared equally by MIT, Forest City, Novartis and the city.  The Board voted to approve the contract.

5.     Meet n Greet, September 26 at Floating Rock.

Meeting adjourned at 1:35 PM


Next Meeting:  Tuesday, October 18, at CS Theater.

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