CSBA Board Meeting Notes – July 18, 2013

Present:  Christina Abele, Kara Cournoyer (for Jeff Lockwood), Chris Durkin, Susan Fleischmann, Josh Gerber, Jay Kiely, Robin Lapidus, David Levine, George Metzger, Mark Orent, Elaina Romano, Nabil Sater, Bill Scott, Ping Wong

 Absent: Patrick Barrett, Carl Barron, Anya Bear, Sean Hope, Cathy Carr Kelly, Norm McIver, Patrick Rowe,

Guests:  Chris Basler, Linda Prosnitz, Kevin Hoskins

Location:  WorkBar 

George called the meeting to order at 8:45 PM.

  1. Community Development Department:  Linda Prosnitz of CDD’s Housing Division described the city’s affordable housing programs for both rental and ownership.  Currently 300 units in development.  Chris Basler distributed a survey for input on Economic Development programming through CDD as a follow-up to last month’s presentation by Lisa Hemmerle and Chris. 
  1. Strategic Planning.  Work on-going.  Robin will distribute assignments to strategic planning areas and help each group organize and meet: Membership/Engagement, Retail/Environment, Community Leadership, and Organizational Structure. Each group to accomplish short term goals to get CSBA reorganized by end of year.  Ongoing focus on Finance, Activities, Membership and Communications. 
  1. 3.     Central Square Planning.  Planning Board discussion of proposed zoning changes is on-going.  Osborne Triangle district is distinct from Central Square Core district and is getting more attention from Area A due to its largely biotech potential, predominately MIT ownership and high height and density on a neighborhood edge. MIT has stated that it cannot do mixed use on Osborne parcels.  Short discussion abouot decoupling Osborne from Central Square core district, just as it is from Kendall Square core. July 30 Council subcommittee meeting (5 PM) on non-zoning recommendations in CS vision. CSBA needs to establish position on policy and zoning as guideline for our work.  Board will consider adopting Central Square vision.  
  1. ED Report:  Robin summarized her written report, noting success of Taste of Cambridge on July 11.  Ro bin is asking all board m embers to get one new CSBA member before the end of the year.  
  1. June board meeting notes approved.   
  1. May financial reports. $18,743YTD profit included June loss of $2934 offset by more than $4000 in AR. Report accepted.  
  1. New business.  Josh asked for CSBA to co-sponsor candidates’ night. Cambridge College was suggested for location.  

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 AM for tour of WorkBar space.

Next Meeting: September 19 at noon.  Location to be announced.

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