Commissioner Haas Joins Councilor Reeves & Others at Inaugural Red Ribbon Commissioner for Central Square Meeting

Press release from Cambridge Police Department.

Commissioner Haas
August 5, 2010 – Cambridge City Councilor Kenneth Reeves was joined by over 80 individuals from local businesses and government for the inaugural meeting of the “Red Ribbon Commission on the Delights & Concerns of Central Square.” The meeting was held on August 3rd and hosted by Novartis at its 250 Massachusetts Avenue laboratory that formerly housed the New England Confectionery Candy Company (NECCO).
Councilor Reeves laid out his vision for the group, saying, “We want to hear from stakeholders; citizens, landlords, and business owners alike so that we can come together to cook up a vision that will serve Central Square for the next decade.”
Deputy City Manager Richard C. Rossi facilitated the meeting and introduced the following people who addressed the gathering and provided information to the group:
•    David P. Maher, Mayor •    Charles Sullivan, Director of the Historical Commission •    Dan Goldstein, Owner of Clear Conscience Cafe? •    George Metzger, President of the Central Square
Business Association •    Estella Johnson, Economic Development Director •    Lisa Patterson, Commissioner of the Department of
Public Works •    Robert Haas, Commissioner of the Cambridge Police
Commissioner Haas said in addressing the group, “By definition tactics are short-term. The police department is excited to be a part of this group’s work to produce long-term, sustainable strategies and solutions to change the dynamics of Central Square.”
ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO Dan Riviello, Communications Specialist, Cambridge Police Department
Attendees were asked to participate in a discussion where they shared concerns and ideas for Central Square as well as for the future of the working group. Comments and suggestions were recorded as part of the conversation for how to move forward with their task of revitalizing Central Square.
The Red Ribbon Commission on the Delights & Concerns of Central Square is a year-long project spearheaded by Councilor Reeves. The commission will hold monthly meetings aimed at producing a final report with actionable recommendations for improvements to the square.
The commission’s next meeting will be held at the Christian Life Center located at 85 Bishop Allen Drive in Cambridge on September 29th at 12:00 PM.
## # For more information on the Red Ribbon Commission for Central Square, please contact Councilor
Kenneth Reeve’s office at 617-349-4264 or

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