Coming soon! Valentine’s Day!!

At Central Square Florist, we are already focusing on Valentine’s Day. We are required to put forth our greatest effort for this day of love on February 14th.

Flowers, flowers and more flowers as well as vases, baskets, ceramics, plants, stuffed animals, balloons and candy must be ordered.
Floral producs must be  processed to ensure complete satisfaction for the  recipient and sender. At Central Square Florist we increase our team to have more telephone personnel to answer questions and take orders, more computer people to format electonically submitted orders from our web  site,  more floral designers, more sales asscoiates to assist in store customers, and more delivery drivers. This is a huge effort for the busiest day.We are hoping for a decent weather day here in the Northeast .
Orders are already flowing in with many people opting for delivery for the weekend days , February 12 and 13th.
Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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