Clean Streets and Graffiti Removal in Central Square

If you live or work in Central Square you know that street cleanliness and graffiti are both concerns and challenges for community members, business owners and landlords alike.
The City of Cambridge in conjunction with the Central Square Business Association has been working diligently to support an improved condition in Central Square. In particular, The Cambridge Department of Public Works, is fortunate to have Lenny Silva and his crew working to support the community. In the past month the DPW and Mr. Silva’s crew have focused their efforts in Central Square and an obvious improvement in cleaning and removed Graffiti is the result.
The Department of Public Works offers amazing support to the City of Cambridge. Here is the link that you can use to learn about these services, including how to help get the required land owners involvement to report graffiti and successfully have it removed.
To Mr. Silva and his crew we say thank you.
Public Works Crew

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