Central Square to get Public Toilet

Central Square

24-hour access public toilet near Central Square, similar to the one currently underway in Harvard Square. The exact location will be determined through a public process.

Cambridge needs more public toilets. This project addresses a basic human need for the entire community of Central Square. This includes: residents, visitors, international tourists, shoppers,children, bike commuters, homeless, students, and early-morning and late-night patrons of Central Square. According to the “2013 Public Toilets Survey: Cambridge Residents, Workers & Visitors,” 67% of those surveyed have reported that they or a family member have had difficulty accessing public toilets in the city. After Harvard Square, which is already in the process of getting a public toilet, the highest need area on city-owned property is Central Square. (http://www.cambridgepublichealth.org/publications/2013-Public-Toilets-Survey-Cambridge-Residents-Workers-&-Visitors–Summary-Report.pdf).

The City shall consider toilet designs such as the Portland Loo and implementation efforts that provide for public safety and public health and are environmentally friendly. Such a toilet should be accompanied by a drinking fountain. The city shall also add and improve signage alerting the public that toilets in public buildings such as City Hall may be accessed by the public.

posted by Michelle Monsegur | 11sc
April 08, 2015

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