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5 Brookline Street

We used to be the world’s smallest Hi-Fi store, but no longer. We have grown! In October 2013 we moved to a new, larger storefront at 5 Brookline Street, Central Square, Cambridge directly across from the Middle East Restaurant & Nightclub. We started out in a mere 500 square feet of space in one room on Vassar Street, Cambridge. We began as a re-seller of used Hi-Fi components in 1973 via mail-order through advertisements in the classified section of Audio magazine. By 1977 our emphasis was on the export of American and European hand-crafted, classic, vacuum tube components to the collector’s market in Japan, Asia and Europe. In the Fall of 1980 our Vassar Street storage room was converted into a retail showroom and we opened for business selling only pre-owned equipment. In 1981 we added new equipment to our used product line-up with Hafler amplifier kits selling briskly to MIT students. From that start we added Krell from Dan D’Agostino for high-end electronics and Pyramid Loudspeakers from the legendary Dick Sequerra. In October, 1982 Q Audio went to the Tokyo Audio Fair and brought back the very first CD players to America for resale. From that moment on our tiny, little store burst with growth – we added product lines galore, we expanded our hours of operation, remaining open six days a week and we hired five full-time employees to work in that one small showroom on a side street in Cambridge. The rest is history.

For 33 years we were located in the historic Metropolitan Storage Warehouse across from the MIT campus in the exact same location where Tech Hi-Fi began in 1967. On October 1, 2013 we moved to a new, more spacious storefront at 5 Brookline Street, Central Square, Cambridge directly across from the Middle East Restaurant & Nightclub.

Today, as always, we sell new and used audio equipment at competitive, discount prices (the same discounts offered everyday to everyone). We are never undersold by any authorized dealers. We love to take local trade-ins and consignments. Our specialty is high-performance, high-value audiophile equipment for enthusiasts on a budget. All of our products are sold with money-back guarantees and we service what we sell on the premises! Our staff is on salary and there are no commissions. If you have any audio, video or network-media related questions please feel free to send us an email: info@qaudio.com or call anytime: 617.547.2727.