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Blick Art Materials
Blick Art Materials
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Blick’s first catalog originated in 1911 in the form of a small pamphlet issued by the company’s two founding partners, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Blick. The warehouse was located in their kitchen and their “shipping department” was the local post office. Their first product was a lettering pen, which quickly became a best-seller.

Thirty-seven years later, sensing a tremendous business opportunity, my grandfather, Robert Metzenberg, purchased Dick Blick from its founders. Although my grandfather was not a great artist, he loved serving artists and had an eye for quality merchandise. Along with Jack Wyatt, my grandfather’s hard-working associate and partner, who joined Blick in 1958, the company soon realized triple-digit growth.

Today, Blick Art Materials remains the premier art supply source for professional artists, students, and teachers, and continues to be a family-owned business. Our annual Artist’s and Educator’s catalogs, more than 500 and 600 pages, respectively, are considered industry “bibles.” We also offer hundreds of printable lesson plans and video workshops for teachers, and product videos for artists, to help them with their purchase decisions and techniques. Plus, we’ve expanded the reach of our retail stores to most major urban areas, and expect to add new locations every year. What was once a two-person company now employs hundreds of full-time Blick team members.

Size alone is not the measure of our success, however. Rather, it is the faithful adherence to our founding principles that guides us:

Providing our customers with the best service, best selection, best price, and best quality in the industry
Creating a working climate that calls forth the best in every employee
Fully capitalizing on emerging technologies and opportunities for growth
Supporting the arts and arts education in every way we can

We think you’ll be pleased when you choose Blick, whether as a customer, business partner, or employee. I am tremendously excited about our future and the opportunities it provides for all.