Weirdo Records

Weirdo Records
Weirdo Records
844 Massachusetts Ave

Weirdo records was started in 2006 in the bedroom of an apartment, and moved into a storefront in Feb. 2009. We’re open for browsing 11am-9pm 7 days a week & of course we also do mailorder worldwide.

Here at Weirdo we buck economic trends with the ease of flicking flies off burritos and uphold the principles behind our aesthetic choices with Herculean strength. Our prices are rock bottom (check around!), our postage rates are shockingly low, and we go quite a bit out of our way to bring you the obscure, the underrated, and the just plain fucked up. We also make a point to be entirely unsnooty, so you can expect attentive, efficient service in arenas both mystical and practical.

Weirdo’s website is updated every single day of the year, so with extremely few exceptions what the website says is indeed true. Besides the stock you see here, there’s also a ton of stuff for sale that hasn’t made it online yet. Special orders are also no problem, so don’t hesitiate to ask if you’re looking for something in particular. We have a mailing list that we’d love to add you to. Emails are usually sent out once a week. They include a list of every item that came in recently, as well as upcoming events, big news, and other such & sundry. Go HERE to sign up.

(857) 413-0154