Central Square Business Association July Board Meeting Notes

Central Square Business Association

Board Meeting Notes – July 11, 2012

Present: Anya Bear, Daniel Goldstein, Jay Kiely, Robin Lapidus, David Levine, Norm McIver, George Metzger, Mark Orent, Nabil Sater, Gail Seidman, Bill Scott, Chris Basler/CDD, Jeff Ouillette/CST Absent: Christina Abele, Patrick Barrett, Carl Barron, Chris Durkin, Cathy Carr Kelly, Jeff Lockwood, Elaina Romano, Patrick Rowe, Ping Wong

Location: Central Square Theater

George called the meeting to order at 8:50 AM and Jeff welcomed us to the CST.

1. Central Square Advisory Committee update. Chris, Anya and Robin reported on the committee’s recent meetings. The Committee is still expected to complete its work over the summer. The next monthly CSAC meeting is Wednesday (7/11) at 6PM at the Senior Center. There is opposition, mostly from Area 4, in the form of down zoning. Another residents group has emerged in support of changes that would promote development in order to secure public amenities and assure economic vitality of the business district. The CSBA needs to produce strong show of support for advisory committee’s recommendations.

2. University Park rezoning. Jay Kiely presented Forest City’s proposal will be reviewed at tonight’s advisory committee meeting. The FC zoning petition will be reconsidered at the 7/25 meeting of the council’s ordinance committee. Board members need to voice support. George distributed a copy o f the letter of support he has submitted to the Ordinance Committee.

3. Real Estate moves: New owner of Samuels property _ Walgreen/TD Bank/BSC parcel – is unknown.

4. ED Report: Robin reported on successful CS dance party on 6/29 and site tour by Mass Cultural Commission on 6/27 in anticipation of a designation in early fall. University Park was site of successful ice cream fest on 7/10 and Wednesday Lunch in the Park series through the summer. General membership second notices are being sent out this week. Gail will help organize follow-up. Carl continues with his follow- up of Property Owners. CDD intern will be assisting with Property Owners group and business database. website, and member outreach.

5. June board meeting notes. Accepted with editions (NM;NS) 6. June financial report. Mark noted that due to timing, 6/30 shows a loss for the

month but is offset by July 1 deposits. After discussion, accepted (DG/GS) 7. Other reports: None

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