Central Square Business Association Board Meeting Notes – November 2, 2010

Central Square Business Association

Board Meeting Notes – November 2, 2010

Present:  Christina Abele, Carl Barron, Kelly Thompson Clark, Kathleen Darcy, Chris Durkin, Mimi Huntington, David Levine, Jeff Lockwood, Norm McIver, George Metzger, Nancy O’Brien, Michelle Perez, Bill Scott, Mohan Singh
Absent:  Dan Binderman, Susan Fleischmann, Daniel Goldstein, Anya Petroff, Gail Seidman
Location:  Caru Associates

George called the meeting to order at 12:15 PM

October board meeting notes were approved.

October financial report approved. Clarification was requested on two items.

Membership: New members: Pat Barrett, property owner of Toscanini
Property owners:  Carl, Dan B. and Bill are preparing information for a meeting of the Real Estate Committee to discuss ongoing vacancies, agents’ leasing efforts, and what CSBA can do to help.
Events: Unity Lunch on October 18th attracted about 100 attendees to honor the CPD in general and officers who work in Central Square. Final accounting is outstanding. Next Meet n Greet will be in the new year at Mohan’s new India Pavilion restaurant space.
Environment: In Dan G’s absence George reported that Wed AM with Dan continues to be a successful collaboration with CPD, DPW and others.  Pat Barrett has worked with Dan on surveying lights and trees in the square.
Parking: Michelle reported that new parking manager/system will not be in full operation until the first of the year.  Only one or two are delinquent and they response to Michelle’s outreach.  It was noted that within the past two years, the board adopted a policy regarding payment dates and penalties for habitual late payment.
Performance:  No report…
Central Square Commission:  Next commission meeting is this Thursday, November 4. At last meeting Dan G., who attends the steering committee meetings for CSBA, agreed to share meeting notes with the CSBA board.
CS admin position:  Christina, Nancy and Gail have worked on a new job description and need some direction regarding reporting responsibility.
Communications plan.  No report.
Combined Business Association:  Next meeting will focus on restaurants and impact of new ordinances. Meeting date is Thursday November 18 and location is the CPD HQ on Fifth St.
Jeff Lockwood was appropriately honored as tutoring Plus’s Man of the Year last week.
Sign Ordinance: Kelly reported that the Council rescinded the recent revisions to the sign ordinance.  The issue will be referred to a committee for review.

Real Estate moves:
Alive Café at Inman/Mass Ave is open.
Rodney’s is reported to be staying open.
CCTV is moving to 438 Mass Ave.
MIT and Novartis are both announcing new developments on Mass Ave.

New Business;  George introduced a discussion about CSBA organization and board leadership, noting that he intends to step down from his position after taking it on two years ago, due to other commitments and his interest in seeing the CSBA board leadership expand.  Two year terms might be more attractive to bring on good leaders who cannot afford to make long term commitments.  This issue is closely associated with the work of the nominating committee that must present a slate of new board members and officers for 2011.  It also relates directly to the above mentioned work of the committee that is developing the administrative job description.  George also presented a draft org chart. Lively and useful discussion ensued.  The board’s view of the administrative job varied from simple administrative support to an Executive Director position, although there appeared to be consensus that both basic organizational maintenance and higher level assistance and even leadership on the CSBA’s activities is needed.   Both external and internal functions were discussed. More discussion will follow at the next meeting with the goal of coming to agreement on the job description and the CSBA organizational structure.

Upcoming Events/Announcements
Major Carroll retiring from Salvation Army at the end of the year.
Jeff Lockwood to be honored at Tutoring Plus gala on 10/28.

Meeting adjourned at 1:35 PM

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, December 7 at Café CARU.

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