Central Square Business Association Board Meeting Notes – March 6, 2012

Present:  Patrick Barrett, Anya Bear, Chris Durkin, Daniel Goldstein, Jay Kiely, Estella Johnson, Robin Lapidus, David Levine, George Metzger, Mark Orent, Elaina Romano, Patrick Rowe, Nabil Sater, Gail Seidman, Bill Scott, Ping Wong

Absent: Christina Abele, Carl Barron, Cathy Carr Kelly, Jeff Lockwood, Norm McIver,

Location:  Asgard


George called the meeting to order at 12:15 PM and welcomed the new members

  1. February board meeting notes approved with corrections (DG;ER).


  1. February Financial report.  Mark made abbreviated report noting that we have 3 months of operating income.  Transition to new bookkeeper is still underway.


  1. Executive Committee report.  Exec Com will finalize 2012 budget for approval at the next meeting.


  1. Property Owners.  A meeting of property owners was held on February 27 with city manager, Advisory Committee consultants and approx. 40 attendees.  CSBA will host PO meetings every quarter and next (May) meeting will focus on bringing POs up to date on pending recommendations of the CS Advisory Committee. George, Carl and Robin are still working on dues schedule and outreach to property owners.


  1. Street/environment report.  Locations for Bike Share and regular bike parking are being reviewed.  Graffiti problem increased recently.  Legal recourse for vagrancy and panhandling in review with city legal department.  Dan has arranged for John Dietrick memorial tree to be planted in bench area in front of Classic Copy; endorsed by unanimous vote of board.


  1. Parking.  Elaina reported that audit of parking spaces is underway and report will be made at next meeting.


  1. ED Report:  Robin’s monthly report was distributed.   Annual meeting net revenue of approx. $4700.   Tourist Trolley stop in CS expected to approved this month by license commission.  Cultural District application still at City Manager’s office.  Next events will be Together Music event first week in April and Mothers day.


  1. CS Advisory Committee.  Patricks B and R, Estella and Robin reported.  Committee scheduled to complete work and submit report by midsummer.  Next meeting is 3/14.


Meeting adjourned at 1:40 PM


Next Meeting:  Tuesday, April 10, 2012; Moksa, 450 Mass Ave.

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