Central Square Business Association Board Meeting Notes – April 10, 2012

Present: Christina Abele, Patrick Barrett, Anya Bear, Chris Durkin, Jay Kiely, Robin Lapidus, David Levine, Jeff Lockwood, George Metzger, Mark Orent, Patrick Rowe, Nabil Sater, Gail Seidman, Bill Scott, Absent: Carl Barron, Cathy Carr Kelly, Daniel Goldstein, Estella Johnson, Norm McIver, Elaina Romano, Ping Wong
Location: Moksa
George called the meeting to order at 12:10 PM
1. ED Report: Robin reviewed her monthly report. 41 members (new and re-ups) since January 1. New members are Genie Bottle ventures, Super Duck Tours, Far Group and NuVu. Robin will circulate up to date list of paid members each month. Plan for 5/8 Networking Event at CS Theater and Moksa will feature Supertours Trolley ride. Recent events included Together Music and Moksa opening, each of which occasioned considerable media attention. Noted special coverage of CS on this morning’s WGBH radio program. Focus now on Mother’s day event 5/13 and Taste of Cambridge 6/12. Robin distributed bd. meeting schedule for 2012 and Taste of Cambridge beneficiary application.
2.    Advisory Committee. Patrick B, Patrick R, Anya and Robin reported on the committees work. Focus has been on under built properties and opportunities to add housing, like MIT/Forest City proposal for All Asia block and site behind fire station. Residential and commercial affordability is a commonly voiced concern. A BID has also been discussed. Both Patricks noted that the CS vision must be based in reality, an accurate understanding of the economics of development and how the discounted cost of affordable uses are paid by some other bonus or addition to the development. The Red Ribbon Commissioned envisioned such community benefits without addressing how these will come about. CSBA needs to be informed and vocal about CS plans and prepared to support the committee’s recommendations that will include zoning changes and public investment. Committee expects to complete its work around July 1st. A public charrette is being held on 4/11. The Patricks will co-chair the CS Property Owners committee for the purpose of keeping them informed of the Advisory Committee’s work and future discussion of a BID.
3. Strategic Planning. Board agreed to do strategic planning in late May and June to help focus and align CSBA’s goals and efforts with with conclusions of the Advisory Committee.
4.    March board meeting notes. Not reviewed.
CSBA Board Meeting Notes April 10, 2012 Page 2
5.    March financial report. Mark reviewed newly formatted monthly report, noting a $2loss for the first quarter, considerable less than the monthly losses at the end of 2011, due to new income. Reported accepted (PB;JL)
6.    2012 Budget. Bill presented budget reviewed and proposed by Executive Committee. After discussion, adopted by unanimous vote. (BS;CD)
7.    New Business
?    Estella is retiring in June. George will contact CDD about replacement. Robin will coordinate recognition.
?    Forest City/MIT’s All Asia proposal to be heard at Planning Board on May 1st. Approval will also require approval of changes to University Park PUD by Council’s ordinance committee.
?    Patrick R will review Intercontinental lease proposal for CSBA office at 130 Bishop Allen Drive. This is the same two-office space CSBA rented previously. Tentative occupancy on May 1.
?    George will discuss increasing CSBA parking in Green St. Garage with city.
8.    Upcoming events
?    Novartis ground breaking: Thursday 4/12.     Central Square Clean-up day: 5/20     Combined Business Assoc meeting: 4/24 at noon at CPD     CSBA Networking Event: 5/8, 5:30 at Moksa and CS Theater     MIT/Forest City at Planning Board: 5/1     Cambridge Science Festival: 4/20- 27     Mother’s Day in CS: 5/13
Meeting adjourned at 1:40 PM Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 8, 2012; location TBD.

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