Central Square Branch scheduled to re-open May 16, 2011


What’s Happening at the Central Square Branch?

Contractors and city workers from the Department of Public Works, the Electrical Department, the IT Department, and the Library have been working to improve the branch and get it ready for re-opening. Over the past nine months, we have:

• Replaced the 30 year old heating and cooling systems of the branch
• Torn out and replaced ceilings and walls where duct work and conduit needed to be accessed and replaced
• Rerouted electrical and data wiring to eliminate unsightly and potentially unsafe wires going across floors
• Retiled the first floor bathrooms
• Rebuilt the Lewis Room kitchen
• Took out the built-in wall units designed for 33 RPM LPs and replaced them with shelving for current materials
• Expanded the Literacy Center
• Installed new shelving in the Children’s Room
• Repainted the interior of the branch

Staff have begun to unwrap bookshelves (which were shrink- wrapped to prevent damage during construction), wash all surfaces and shelves, check-in and re-shelve items purchased or returned after the branch closed, set up computers and service desks, strip and wax the floors, and order items needing to be replaced.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the branch on May 16, our scheduled opening day.

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