Be Serious about Bicycling

If you ride your bike, live in Cambridge and own a car, you might be able to get a discount on your car insurance soon.

Travel Responsibility Outreach and Mentoring Project, the landmark educational program geared toward changing the culture of travel is working with MassDrive ( to encourage more bicyclists to learn the laws and travel safely.  Jean-Marie Lovett, President of MassDrive notes, “We believe in encouraging safety on the roads and think TROMP’s mission is a big step in the right direction for all who ride bikes and drive in Massachusetts.  We are working hard to create a valuable discount for those who participate in TROMP.”

With people trying to minimize their carbon footprint and get more exercise, there are more cyclists vying for space on city roads.  TROMP hopes to make sure everyone does so responsibly.

In preparation, bicyclists need to take a class, lead by MassBike’s Shane Jordan, ‘Safe Biking in the City,’ and register their bikes with the City of Cambridge.

The class will be held at Cambridge City Hall on Thursday 24 June, 6:00pm. For a fee of $15, payable at the class by cheque or cash, 2-wheeler car owners can join the ranks of people who travel responsibly in Cambridge.

Only 30 people will be able to take this first class. To register,
Send your name, address and phone to or sign up through the contact at

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