Artist group leaving South End for Cambridge’s Central Square story below

By Brock Parker, Town Correspondent

After more than 30 years in Boston, Mobius, a non-profit organization supporting experimental art, is moving to Cambridge’s Central Square at the beginning of July.

The artist-run organization has been in Boston’s South End on Harrison Avenue for the past four years after more than 20 years in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood.

But Mobius Director Jed Speare said the city has become too expensive and the organization found a new spot at 55 Norfolk St. in Central Square.

“We’re very excited about coming to Cambridge,” Speare said. “It’s more accessible and it’s in the heart of a neighborhood with a lot of traffic.”

The artist-run group will move into the stand-alone commercial space on Norfolk Street that for the past two years has been the MEME Gallery.

Speare said the move to Central Square makes sense because over the years the majority of the organizations subscribers and audiences have been from Cambridge.

Founded in 1977, Mobius focuses on experimental art including performance, conceptual, video and time based art and Speare said many of the artist group’s original performances were in Central Square.

The Cambridge Arts Council said in a press release this week that it is thrilled to welcome Mobius to the city.

“Mobius’s addition to Cambridge’s arts landscape provides new and interesting ways for residents and visitors to engage in the arts,” says Jason Weeks, executive director of the Cambridge Arts Council.

More from mobius web site on the move

We’re Moving to Central Square, Cambridge!

June 15, 2011

Mobius announces that it will be bringing its thirty-five year history of artistic diversity & international prestige directly to a new home in Central Square, Cambridge, beginning in July. As an artist-run center for experimental work in all media, this move to 55 Norfolk St. is an exciting transition. Central Square is the heart of a thriving Cambridge arts community made up of fellow arts organizations, non-profits, and creative businesses, as well as, interestingly, the majority of Mobius’ friends and audience members. Even the leading-edge integrations of arts & technology that make their home in Cambridge resonate with Mobius’ long-standing role as an R & D lab for the arts.
“The Cambridge Arts Council is thrilled to welcome Mobius to Cambridge. Mobius’s addition to Cambridge’s arts landscape provides new and interesting ways for residents and visitors to engage in the arts,” says Jason Weeks, Executive Director of the Cambridge Arts Council.

“Mobius’ move to Cambridge’s Central Square is indicative of the recent trend taking hold of the area. Central Square is burgeoning into an arts and culture destination for unique, fresh and dynamic work. Mobius joins arts groups such as Central Square Theater, ImprovBoston, and CCTV who also have recently made Central Square their home. Mobius, with its long-established reputation for innovative work, complements the dance, theater, visual and other media arts organizations that make Cambridge a destination for the out-of-the-ordinary artistic experience.”

Mobius’ new hub on Norfolk St. is a small, stand-alone commercial space that for the past two years has been the MEME Gallery, home of adventurous performance and installation art, and founded in part by former Mobius Artists Group members. The arrival of Mobius makes the artistic transition of this space a consistent one, and continues to provide an intimate setting for the risk-taking work that we are known for. It is the most conveniently accessible venue in our long history, and our artists group members and guests will continue to program and present there, as well as where their work takes them much further afield.
Stay tuned for more information as programming continues this summer.

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