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The following into is from Saul Tannenbaum

A group of students from the MIT Program on Art, Culture and
Technology are using the old Salvation Army store on Mass Ave
as a gallery space for the next couple of weeks to show various
art projects.

Most interesting for our neighborhood is one called “CPR //
Cambridge Pre-Redevelopment Agency”. Intrigued by the MIT
2030 plan, as well as the K2C2 process, 3 students have
created what they call a site-creation entity, focused
on “gaps”, the spaces that are undevelopable because
of size and space constraints (think alleys), and will
try to work with landowners and others to find ways
to activate them.

If you have some time, it’s worth dropping by the space
and chatting with them. They’re eager to understand what’s
happening to Kendall and Central Squares, and eager
to contribute what they can to enhance the nooks and
crannies of the area.

Exhibition opening Friday, May 25, 7pm –  June 8th

cost Free and open to the public.

the thrift store
328 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA

Exhibition and event series by graduate students in the Program in Art, Culture and Technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Yae Jin Shin / Tomashi Jackson / Sofia Rebeca Berinstein / Sei Rhee / Scott Berzofsky / Narda Alvarado / Micah Silver / Matthew Everett Lawson / Giacomo Castagnola / Elizabeth Anne Watkins / Carson Salter / Anne Callahan

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