An Open Letter to the Central Square Community from the CSBA

The Central Square Business Association released the following update about the association.
At the December Board Meeting of the Central Square Business Association, President Carl Barron announced his decision to step down from the presidency of the CSBA in order to focus on the association’s civic relationships. On Carl’s recommendation, the Board voted George Metzger as interim president until the 2009 annual meeting and elections. The Board also named Carl Barron to the new position of Chairman, reflecting his long time leadership and continued role as spokesperson for the CSBA, which Carl and George will share.

These changes are the result of a strategic planning process which the Board launched in October to redefine the organization’s goals and structure. In a two-stage process involving Board members as well as a few non-Board members and city officials, the CSBA adopted short term goals to increase membership services, solicit new participants for Board and committee activities, add and retain members, and develop administrative capacity to support proposed activities of the Association.

To further these goals, the Association has established four areas of activity for 2009, each led by a board member: Membership Services, Cheryl Santee; Promotion/Communication, Susan Fleischmann; Events, Anya Petroff; and Advocacy and Environment, Carl Barron.

The Board welcomes your interest in participating in any board or committee activities and looks forward to a full and interesting agenda of activities in the coming year. Please contact me or any Board member with your suggestions and your interest in Association activities for 2009.

The date of the CSBA annual meeting will be announced shortly.

On behalf of the Board, I would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.

George Metzger, President

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