ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ Holding an Open Call in Central Square 4/17

Attend an Open Call

Attend an Open Call where you will be given the opportunity to do a 1-minute pitch of your business/product/idea to a member of the Casting Team — just like you would as if you were on the show. Come prepared to wow and dazzle us. Only the first 500 applicants are guaranteed to be seen so arrive early to secure your numbered wristband. Be advised: security may check your bag and you are responsible for your own parking. We do not validate. To apply at an Open Call you must have a completed Application Packet. Download the Application HERE and bring it with you to the Open Call. It is imperative that you complete your Application prior to the Open Call because there are a lot of detailed questions on there that you may not have the answers to at the Open Call.

All Open Calls are open to the general public. You DO NOT have to purchase a credential to attend a Shark Tank Open Call.


45 Prospect St. Central Square
Cambridge, MA 02139
10:00 AM to 12:00 PM – Numbered Wristbands Distributed
11:00 AM – Interviews Begin


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One thought on “ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ Holding an Open Call in Central Square 4/17”

  1. Marybeth Enright says:


    I am an inventor. I’d love the Sharks on Shark Tank to take an interest in my invention. I auditioned in Chicago on May 24th a years ago, maybe??My patent number is US 6,723,934,B2. The date of the patent is 4-20-2004.
    I am the sole inventor in the USA of a left handed and right handed ignition switch. Due to a birth injury, I do not have the strength to hold a key in my right hand and turn on the vehicle ignition. So, I have always just used my left hand to turn the key on the right side of the ignition . I wish to have support in someone making the prototype. All royalties will be shared. I am the sole inventor. Individuals could have another option wheen buying a vehicle of their choice. Let’s win!! Can you support me? Unsure, if I can make it to Cambridge, MA today. I’ll try. I just heard the audition on the tv this morning when I woke up. I hope to hear from you. Marybeth Enright

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