1369 Coffee House: Delivering Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee Starting in June!

1369 Coffee House is taking to the streets, delivering cold-brewed iced coffee to residents and businesses in the Cambridge area.

Starting in June, 1369 will begin bottling iced coffee into half-gallon glass jugs (aka
growlers) and shipping them off by bicycle to thirsty customers’ doorsteps. This will be the
first program of its kind in Greater Boston.

A Cambridge institution with locations in Inman and Central Squares, 1369 celebrated its
20th anniversary in January. In addition to being one of the oldest independent coffee shops
in Boston, 1369 was one of the first to start cold brewing its iced coffee, a process that
involves steeping coffee grounds in cool water for 24 hours. Unlike hot coffee poured over
ice, this method results in a smooth, chocolatey brew with no bitterness.

To find out more, check out: http://growler.1369coffeehouse.com or email

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