Red Ribbon Commission Communications Sub-Committee Recommendations

Red Ribbon Commission on the Delights and Concerns of Central Square
Communications Sub-Committee Recommendations
Robyn Culbertson, Cambridge Office for Tourism Christina Pappas, Open the Door, Inc.
Committee Members:
Anne Shuhler, Classic Graphx Kelly Thompson Clark, Cambridge Chamber of Commerce Esther Hanig, Cambridge Resident Joan Squeri, Farmer’s Market Kara Cournoyer, Novartis Pardis Saffari, Economic Development Dept, City of Cambridge Sheldon Cohen, Community Mapping Robin Lapidus, Central Square Business Assn
Objective of Committee:
1)    To establish a broad based communication strategy for business, non- profit and residential communities
2)    To support other subcommittees with a communications strategy
Visitor Center
A full service visitor information center in a prominent location in Central Square would be an invaluable asset to the efforts of C2 and encourage a welcoming “gateway” to all of Cambridge.
Ideal specifications would be as follows: • Cambridge Office for Tourism will occupy and manage the
Visitor Center. • Street level location is a MUST! • Ideally, the center would be located directly on Mass Ave toward
the “transition” area (MIT end of Mass Ave). • Minimum square footage requirement would be approximately
1000 sq. ft. to accommodate the information center, the tourism
administrative offices, and storage. • A minimum of two designated parking spots to service visitors to
the center, and more if at all possible.
Website Development & Content ManagementA new, interactive website is important to the success of the communications initiatives. Utilizing existing platforms that have not been designed for current and future needs of the group would not be cost effective or efficient to continue. Together with the CSBA, a committee should be established to explore the needs of the businesses.
Some considerations for the new site are: • Develop a whole new site with updated technology that would
provide the best platform for ongoing in-house content
management moving forward. • Explore areas of content that should be included in the new site. • New site should be vibrant and user friendly. The branding of C2
will play a key role in the look and feel of the site. • Explore offering free wi-fi in Central Square with a link back to the Central Square website to help drive traffic to the site and interest
to businesses. • Utilize links to larger sites to expand the functionality without the
expense (i.e. Cambridge Office for Tourism, Harvard, MIT, Gr. Boston CVB, Mass Ofc for Travel & Tourism)
A series of informational/directional signs for visitors and residents is needed throughout Cambridge. A committee with representation from the City of Cambridge, CSBA, the Cambridge Office for Tourism—with a cross section of businesses and residents—should examine what the criteria for inclusion on signage would be and where the signs should be located. The signage would direct visitors to important sites to see in each neighborhood.
A few proposed ideas would be: • Signage should reinforce the established message of each
square’s “branding”. Each Square or Neighborhood could highlight what it is known for, such as “Welcome to Central Square-The heart of Cambridge!” And “Welcome to Kendall Square-The Innovation Square!”
• The signs should be of a cohesive design i.e. all directional signage should be the same color, shape and style (see attached “A-1” & “A-2”)
All commemorative “square” signage should be the same shape and color, and all commemorative “plaza” signage should be the same shape and color, etc.
• Install signage on the sidewalk to denote shops/restaurants within shopping areas that might be hidden from view (see attached “B”). Possibly use local artists to design attractive signage.
• Each “T” stop head house could have a map of that neighborhood marked with points of interest for that area. This
would require partnering with the MBTA for permission to locate
the map. All maps would be of consistent design, color and size. • In lieu of partnering with the MBTA for head house locations,
install maps of the entire city in each neighborhood near the “T” stop or some other logical and visible place. The map of the city would “highlight” or outline the neighborhood in which it is located. (see attached “C”)
• Install attractive signage depicting pick-up/drop-off points for local tour buses/trolleys and the routes they follow. (see attached “D-1” & D-2”)
• Install larger banners on the light posts to inform of upcoming events, regular exhibits & attractions. (see attached “E”)
• Side note: Special meters for donations of spare change could be installed next to signage. This step would help to discourage panhandling in the square, and all donations of spare change would be divided amongst designated services for the homeless. (see attached “F”)
Training the concierge and others who help to sell Central Square on our behalf is imperative to maintain a consistent message to the public. Suggestions:
• Provide a weekly list of events and activities for hotel concierge and other ambassadors of the Square.
• Offer regularly scheduled training forums to the hospitality industry and business partners (Gr. Boston CVB, Mass Lodging Assn, Mass Ofc of Travel & Tourism, etc.) to inform them of the message C2 hopes to convey for its marketing efforts.
Educational Familiarization Trips
In partnership with the CSBA and the Cambridge Office for Tourism, arrange a series of familiarization trips to educate groups who are instrumental in “ground level” marketing on what is happening in Central Square so they can be an extension of the sales & promotional efforts.
• Conduct a survey among these groups (i.e. the Concierge Association, staff of the Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism, and the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau, Sales & Service teams of the area hotels) to get their perception of Central Square prior to the ”re-education”.
• Tag on to existing marketing efforts of businesses to broaden the marketing database for Central Sq.
Themes & Events
Under the guidance of the CSBA, themed events will be developed to appeal to locals and visitors. They could include the themes of Food, Science, Music, and Theatre, among others. The ultimate goal is to continue to showcase the variety of things to see and do in Central Square to entice people to spend more time here.
Suggested Activities
Providing suggested “packages” of things to see and do takes the guesswork away for the visitor and spotlights businesses that appeal to different target audiences.
• Establish a variety of proposed “itineraries” for the marketing partners to direct visitors on what to see & do in Central Sq.
• Offer suggested half-day or full-day itineraries with themed events for families, couples, residents and others that could be posted on the website.
E-newsletters are an effective and inexpensive way to disseminate information on events and activities, and they also serve to build the database as people begin to opt in to receive updates.
• Produce one e-newsletter for locals and one for visitors/media. • Produce e-newsletters quarterly or more frequently if the
news/information mandates. • Reinforce the brand through the design (mastheads and logos) and
content (events & information).
Media Relations
Media relations are critical to building awareness of the delights of Central Square.    A media relations strategy will be developed to educate local media as well as travel media on what Central Square has to offer. In partnership with the CSBA, we can capitalize on the media currently coming to the area through efforts undertaken by the Cambridge Office for Tourism, Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau and Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism.
Social Media
Facebook and Twitter pages will be set up to communicate the delights of Central Square to residents and visitors. These will also serve to reinforce the brand and the message of Central Square.
Many businesses in Central Square currently have their own marketing and communications programs to promote their business. The Central Square business community should be encouraged to meet and discuss marketing ideas on a regular basis with the CSBA in order to leverage resources and budgets.
Additional Strategies to Drive Business to C2
Partnership programs, value programs (like a Passport to Central Square, the SCVNGR app and others) should be explored to encourage repeat visitation to Central Square.

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